EPISODE II — Halloween in Bethlehem Summary

The What Are You Afraid of crew.

The What Are You Afraid of crew.

Our next episode of What Are You Afraid Of is live on all the major podcast services. This is our Halloween episode. We took a trip to Bethlehem PA, colonial city vibrant with history and legend, and took the ghost tour.


God’s Acre–The Moravian Cemetery.

Dusk settled on the old Moravian cemetery—all with flat graves so the dead were buried equally. We heard stories of ghosts seen over the centuries from the old city hall to a bank that used to be the hottest nightclub in PA during prohibition. We learned of the ghosts of revolutionary war soldiers that still haunt the many inns and taverns of old spirit Bethlehem. So many ghosts in the region!

After the tour, we setup our equipment at Into The Myst new age shop. Our voice actors, Jon and Renee were with us, as was my wife, Allison. We started with a ghost story set during the Iraq war, Lights in the Desert, then we moved onto talk about ghosts, ghost hunting and horror. I played my new musical composition with the help of some zombies, The Zombie Waltz, and we discussed true and embellished ghost stories such as the Amityville Horror. Then Lobelia Hartman, a local witch and one of the owners of the shop, told us about the true meaning of Halloween, the pagan holiday of Samhain—a time of light, of remembering those who have moved on and celebrating life.


We finished with a story from the horror author Tara Fox Hall who tells us about an encounter she had. I’ve included that story below. As a follow up piece, I’ve added the interview I did with medium Allonie Phoenix Milligan who investigated Tara’s case. Keep reading for the story The One and the medium interview.

We’re just getting started. We’ve got some great shows planned for this year, and our audience numbers just keep going up. We still need ghost stories, EVPs and other pieces, plus we’ve got requests from ghost hunters, authors and friends from around the world for interviews.

Happy Samhain Everyone!



→ CLICK HERE to check out Into The Myst Pagan Shop in Bethlehem PA

eyes-taraYou’re The One

Submitted by Tara Fox Hall

New York, 2014

Tara Fox Hall is dear friend and comrade in the world of writing. We came into this together, and she’s been a great supporter of The Fox True Ghost Tales Project. She’s always been sensitive to spirits, so we can usually count on a story once a season. We are more open to spiritual experiences during times of meditation, when our minds turn off the noise the world. Shamans have been doing this for centuries, and a good writing session, which Tara specializes in, is much like meditating. Try it sometime and see through this world.

I was up at my family cabin this past September, putting finishing touches on the latest Promise Me Tale, Eye of the Storm. Per usual, I had worked well beyond dusk, lulled by the gentle breeze coming through the screens and the almost absolute silence, and my craft had taken hold, pushing me to finish.

As I hit save, and went to switch off my computer, I looked up from the screen and felt eyes staring at me. Nothing was visible through the windows surrounding me but pitch blackness. Spooked, I shut the windows, blew out the three candles I’d been using for ambiance, and locked up, bolting the door.

I headed upstairs and got ready for bed, telling myself that I was completely alone, that even if there was some peeping tom skulking around outside, there was no way he was getting in without making a lot of noise. But the feeling of something watching me remained. It was strong enough that I left a floor lamp burning in a bedroom down the hall as a nightlight.

Sometime in the night, I was awakened by the sounds of something moving about in that same room down the hall, something too big to be a mouse. Terrified, I reached up for my own light, fumbling at the switch. It clicked multiple times, but wouldn’t turn on. The sounds down the hall were getting louder, as something crept toward my door.

In panic, I reached for my cell phone, only to have it come alive in my hand, “You’re the One” scrolling repeatedly across the screen as static and a man’s voice talking in a low tone filled the silence. I took breath to scream and felt myself propelled out of bed by some unseen force. Unable to get air, I flailed, weakly croaking, “Stop it!” as I was moved toward the dark doorway and the remaining unlit bedroom.

With a gasp, I came awake, flailed for the light switch and turned it on. Drawing ragged breaths, I sat up and looked down the hall. Everything was as it should be, the light burning, no signs of anything disturbed. I got out of bed and turned on the other bedroom light, and everything was okay. Relieved, I got back into bed, and settled back to sleep. As I was drifting off, I heard faint sounds again from that same bedroom.

I dozed fitfully the rest of the night with all the lights on.

TARA HALLwww.tarafoxhall.com





Interview with medium Allonie Phoenix Milligan

Tara Hall has given us an update to her previous account, You’re the One, and we are so excited to have it. Tara invited a medium to investigate her encounter then interviewed her for the project. The interview also expands on Tara’s experience.

The medium is Allonie Phoenix Milligan, and she works with SPECTERS: SPECTERS is our paranormal investigative group within Water’s Edge. The acronym stands for Study of Paranormal Events Confirmed Through Evidence, Research, and Science. We are a group of believers, skeptics and the curious. Always up for an investigation.


When did you first discover you had psychic abilities?

Very young, when I was five years old in kindergarten. Across from my elementary school was my babysitter. I would have morning kindergarten, go to her house in the afternoon, and she would take my little brother and I to some house with ladies dressed in black. One lady wore a pantsuit. The children would all go into one room where one of the women would watch them, and I saw a little boy come into the room with old-fashioned white clothes, holding a red rose. When he came in, they took me into the ladies who were doing a séance. They took me to the side of the babysitter and the woman in charge. The little boy went behind the lady in the pantsuit, and wanted to give her the rose. I told them what I saw, describing the boy, and the lady in the pantsuit cried. I did two or three of these séances, and then I shared what had been going on with my mother. Until that time, I thought that other kids could see the boy, too. That began the time of me being grounded over and over for “talking to dead people.”

How did you get in contact with Tara Hall?

I have an esoteric shop, Water’s Edge MarketPlace where Tara does book signings and readings. I knew of Tara for years before that through a mutual friend and it’s been 2 years now that we have done things at the shop. What is everyday life like for you? Its laundry and dishes, speckled with dead people. It’s boring for the most part, but I have regular readings that I do for people, so I’m consistently interacting with the spirit realm. And sometimes I can just be driving past a house and I can tell just from the vibe that that place is haunted. Probably three times in my life, I’ve seen a house on fire that eventually burned down.

Can you tell us a bit about your experiences and/or encounters?

As an intuitive medium, I get to talk to a lot of people that have passed, some that go back centuries. I can give you a recent example of a house party I did recently. I was doing the first reading, and a young boy in his early 20s popped in that had died in a motorcycle accident. I knew he was there for somebody but not who. I kept asking as the night went on, but everyone kept saying no. Finally, the husband of the woman who owned the house came home and into the room, l and she asked him if he knew the young man. He said yes, that was a friend of his. I told him that the young man just wanted everyone to know that he was okay. As soon as I told the gentleman that his old friend was here, and that he was okay, the young man disappeared.

Have you ever met any truly malevolent spirits? Please elaborate if so. 

Yes. April or May of 1981, we were living out in the country, and were losing our rented home to the person who owned it. So we found a place out in Chenango Forks. My husband and I arrived there and got out of the car, and I knew at once that something was up. We went up on the porch, and looked through the glass panel at the side of the door. I could see the stairway. I saw a man in clothing from the Civil War area, in white shirt with rolled up sleeves, wool pants, covered in blood. On the stairs was a small woman, either 5’2” or 5’3” in a dress with long sleeves and hair in a bun. She looked at me with eyes that terrified me where I stood. It passed between us that she thought her husband had been unfaithful, she had killed him with that gun, pulled his body out back to where an apple tree stood, and hung him. Then she killed herself. She told me, “Don’t come in here.” There was the feeling that she thought I was after her husband. This was all before we’d even got inside. At that time, my husband didn’t know I was a witch, or that I saw things like this. I told him I would not go in the house, that I didn’t want anything to do with the property. So of course, we moved in. He worked in Johnson City, and I was home20 miles away and alone much of the time with a difficult pregnancy. I would see her on the stairs all the time. There were three bedrooms upstairs, plus an attic. I would see the man in the attic all the time, and he felt peaceful. The woman would come into my husband and my bedroom, and stand there looking at me with hate every night. The neighbors next door invited me for dinner. While there, they talked to me about the house, and how it was historically protected from the Civil War era. She offered to tell me the story of the house, and I offered instead to tell her the story, which I proceeded to do. The woman said, “How did you know this?” As I answered, lightning struck the apple tree. My son was born in January. In February-March, he was in a bouncy seat on the dining room table while I was in the kitchen preparing his bottle, less than 15ft away. All of a sudden he let out this bloodcurdling scream. The woman was standing there in the doorway, and my son had pinch marks all over his body. We moved out in the spring, and I have not been back there to this day. 

What can you tell us about Tara’s experience?

Tara is courageous, and looking for answers. I do believe that her grandparents are here, and looking out for her. I saw her grandfather in her bedroom, and I heard her grandmother singing.


Tara’s Bedroom–Activity Site

We set up a camcorder and laser grid to detect movement at night, lighting the bedroom I was sleeping in. One orb of light 3-4“in diameter appeared halfway between the bed and the door early in the evening, hovering 5-½ ft. off the floor. It appeared, moved to the left about three feet, and disappeared. There are no bugs here (bugs give off a certain texture, reflection and movement which can sometimes be seen as balls of light, but the bug would have to be abnormally large at 3-4” in diameter). Throughout the course of the night, there were a few unexplained bumps, two that happened by invitation as a proof of something asked to make a noise. I had also recharged the video battery and fresh batteries for the laser grid so both were 100% power, but was awoken at 1am to see that the grid was off, and the recorder was turning off, as both batteries were completely drained of power. Lastly, there was a huge hulking shadow with large arms which stood out from the darkness of the room in the same location as the earlier orb. Tara also heard a low guttural moan from my room, then my startled cry. After that large shadow made its appearance, I made blessings on the house, invoking Tara’s ancestors to protect its inhabitants

Do you give private readings? How can someone get in touch with you to arrange one?

I do both private and group readings and events, and also house blessings, by appointment. That is through Water’s Edge Marketplace, 57 Washington Ave in Endicott, NY. Contact us via phone number 607-745-7727, and I also can be contacted via email at info@wemp.us  www.watersedgemarketplace.us


Thank you for this interview and for updating us on Tara’s experience. I will continue to report any new developments.

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