Listen to Episode II: Halloween in Bethlehem

600 downloads and going strong.

So far, the first two episodes of What Are You Afraid Of? are a success. We are overwhelmed with the response, and we continue to bring the show to new podcast directories, expanding and growing on twitter and reaching out to our audience. We’re creating a dialogue with the paranormal, indie horror and pagan community, and we’ll be producing material that speaks to these groups and more. We want this to be a conversation, not a speech.

Phil and I are planning our future content. It will be enlightening, insightful, educational and even humorous. Humor is an important part of our show. We have more spots like the Zombie Waltz planned.

We will be watching the indie horror movie CHOMP, reviewing it and speaking to one of its creators, Lynne Hanson, wife of horror author Jeff Strand. We have opened conversations with multiple paranormal groups and researchers from around the world. We have an archive of old and new stories which we are recording, and we’re opening it up to folk music and art.

We’re setting up some projects with Oregon Paranormal. We’re starting our chain of interviews with researchers and investigators. We’ll provide support and information for indie authors and the horror community. We’ll talk about pagan peoples and new age. And of course we’re going to be silly.

Phil and I are meeting this Friday to discuss future content and record some segments. I’m also doing something very silly with Zombie’s first Thanksgiving in the same humor of a Zombie Waltz. We’re looking for someone to animate these funny segments for youtube. Phil’s also got a friend, Ron, who had a demonic oppression experience who is going on the record for the first time. I’m bringing in an English folk singer, David, who is going to record some spirit folk songs.

So to end our update, over Twitter we asked Ghost Investigation out of the United Kingdom how they prepare for an upcoming investigation. We’re planning an interview after they investigate the Poltergeist House, 30 East Drive, Pontefract, the house from the film When The Lights Went Out.


We asked Ghost Investigation: How are you preparing for this? They answered . . .

From Gary of Ghost Investigations (UK) Via Twitter:

Hi Fox. I work logically and methodically so knowing the plan of investigation is a must. Full equipment check beforehand . . . Sadly no weird rituals like, “I drink banana milk and eat a Twix!” . . . Depending on the location determines how you prepare but generally just think happy thoughts and about the good things . . . in life. I don’t go to a location to get scared. For me it’s about the story, the person behind the haunting. As in life . . . some people are nice, others less so. The process of dealing with that is the same but comes with a big buzz when you get . . . a response via knocking, movement, evp or apparition


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