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Our podcast has been a success and growing faster than we could have dreamed. When I started this project in August—facing delays because of deadlines, material research and a second battle with cancer that resulted in surgery—I was told to expect maybe 100 downloads for my first two episodes if I was lucky. As of tonight, 11th November 2015, we are at +800 downloads of the show and growing fast.

I just uploaded Episode III: Zombie’s First Thanksgiving to our podcast host site, Libsyn, and waiting for it to be distributed to iTunes and the many other directory sites that host the show. As the show has spread, we have begun an incipient network of paranormal groups, horror fans, authors and film-makers—the foundation for a community. Our goal is to become a voice for those who dance across the twilight curtain. We’re getting better, more experienced with the software, equipment and have much planned for the future.

If you’re a member of a paranormal investigation group, someone who has touched the supernatural, a horror fan whether reader or watcher, a member of a new age faith, a publisher, indie author or just seeker, this podcast will appeal to you.


On this episode, we feature true ghost stories, discussion about the Indie horror industry, an interview with Bill Wilkes, creator of the top paranormal resource website and some zombie comedy sketches from a talented improv group.

Horror author B.E. Scully has her true ghost story, The Hand Game, recorded by David W., a brilliant English folk-singer. She tells the story of a connection to her father from the other side. We have posted both stories below this article.

We feature three episodes of the soap opera-like A Zombie’s First Thanksgiving, a series about a southern couple who recreate the first Thanksgiving by bringing the living dead and stupid living together for Thanksgiving dinner. It is recorded brilliantly by the What Are You Afraid Of improv group and played throughout episode III.

Improv Team Zombie Tgiving

Jon Prive, Cindy H. T. Fox Dunham, Renee Scattolini, Aaron Turiello. Allison Ledbetter (Fox’s wife) taking photo.

We feature an illuminating interview with Bill Wilkes, founder of Paranormal Societies. This is a service that connects those encountering the supernatural with the appropriate services—ghost hunting groups, mediums, priests. Bill has helped over 5,000 cases and has a unique insight into trends in the paranormal. You’ll learn a lot from Bill, and we intend to bring him back in future episodes.

Bill Wiles

Bill Wilkes

Phil and I discuss the Indie horror industry for both film-makers and authors. Distributors and publishers can be unreliable, and you have to be careful with whom you trust work. We share our experience and tell the truth about the industry. If you’re a new horror author or film-maker trying to make a career, you better listen. This is the way it is.

We close with a recently collected story from Bill G called Fast Eddie, recorded by voice actor, Jon Prive. I, Fox, collected this story on Halloween from a friend at Barnes and Nobles just after he listened to both episode of the podcast and recalled a time when the other side reached out to him. Was it just his grief? Did Eddie come for Bill? Or both?

And Phil Thomas filmed a promotional piece to launch a campaign to raise money for his new movie—an old school slasher story. I acted in this short film, and we talk about the experience on the podcast. Here is a photo from the filming.

Fox discovering his dead girlfriend while stalked from behind.

Fox discovering his dead girlfriend while stalked from behind.

Much coming in the future. EPISODE IV: DEMONIC OPRESSION will be the story of a retired ghost hunter, Ron, who suffered a dark attachment after investigating a haunted site. This dark entity terrorized him, and he tells us the story—a cautionary tale. We’ll be examining the case with other experts and talking about how to prevent and defend against shadow-creatures, what are called in Christian parlance, demons. We plan for this to be live on November 27th 2015.

We just want to note that all extra sound material used on the show—sound effects and music—is part of the public domain and podcast safe. We will list the free license services and directories on our website, and we thank them all. We are very conscious about protecting owner’s rights of creative material.

We still need your true stories, and if you’d like to do an interview or create a segment for us, please contact us. We will listen to everyone. We’re not here to judge. Follow us on twitter too!

TWITTER: @pfwhatafraidof

EMAIL: whatareyouafraidof117@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WhatAreYouAfraidOfPhilandFox/

So enjoy your American Thanksgiving with your family and watch closely at the shadows, in the dark, out the windows just in case some deceased family and friends return to share the bright of your dining room light and energy of your family’s life. They are there watching even if you don’t see them, always with us.

We end this article with the twitter words of Gary from Ghost Investigations in the United Kingdom. Gary is getting ready to investigate the famed Poltergeist House, and he tells us via Twitter how he prepares for a paranormal investigation:

Hi Fox. I work logically and methodically so knowing the plan of investigation is a must. Full equipment check beforehand . . . Sadly no weird rituals like, “I drink banana milk and eat a Twix!” . . . Depending on the location determines how you prepare but generally just think happy thoughts and about the good things . . . in life. I don’t go to a location to get scared. For me it’s about the story, the person behind the haunting. As in life . . . some people are nice, others less so. The process of dealing with that is the same but comes with a big buzz when you get . . . a response via knocking, movement, evp or apparition.


So listen to the show and leave us some comments or a review on iTunes with a couple of stars.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Phil, Fox and the team of What Are You Afraid Of?

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