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On the 4th Episode of our growing podcast, we celebrate our new sponsorship from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. PMMP will support the show financially and provide top horror authors to create a new dark fiction segment on the show, exploring the dark spectrum of our theme: the paranormal, folklore, music, stories, artwork and the industry whether film, writing or art. We seek our dark spirits.


Wake up Daddy, our true ghost story was sent to the ghost story folklore archive from retired Texas teacher, Janine Gossett—Janine was my spiritual mother whom I loved as such, and I lost her on January 2nd, while my then fiancé, Allison, looked for a wedding dress. This is her voice speaking of another voice—a chain of echoes from the grave.

David Walton, our folk-singing friend from Plymouth—performs the medieval melody, The Unquiet Grave by playing guitar, flute and singing. A female ghost is unable to rest because of the undying devotion of her love.

You crave one kiss from my clay-cold lips

But my breath is earthly strong. . .

Predators exist in the darkness, waiting to feast on the hot life of the living. We are not secure. We broadcast a frightening & cautionary tale—an interview with Ron Saul, previous ghost hunter, who tells his story of bringing back with him a demonic attachment from Pennhurst Asylum of Philadelphia. A dark force attached to Ron while he ghost-hunted at Pennhurst, and he took it home then fought demonic oppression for nearly a year. He speaks of how to prevent it in this terrifying story.

Pennhurst Asylum

All brave paranormal investigators–seekers of the truth–endanger themselves in each hunt.

Finally, to start off our short fiction segment, host T. Fox Dunham reads his published zombie story, Sister Sarah. This story was originally published in Hazardous Press Zombie Bites Anthology, and this is the first of many great stories coming from top horror authors through PMMP to be featured on the podcast. A young woman takes care of her ungrateful siblings during a zombie apocalypse, and she finally has enough! I wrote this to help a friend survive the responsibilities of her siblings.

This episode shows our range of content—the many spectrums of horror. Much more coming including our Christmas episode with great horror authors writing our stories and true ghost stories to terrify. We will be talking to authors and ghost hunters, plus a little humor.

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