EP-5 Haunted Holidays


 14X14PodcastThumb-HolidayGuy Anthony De Marco

He’s a stunning author and powerhouse author. In the last month, he’s burned through 5 novel rough drafts. The man spends more time speaking on panels at conventions. He’s composed music, techno, role playing modules, short stories, novels and even computer programs.

He shared with the website a trio of paranormal experiences: Clapping Hands, Shadow Bat & the Un. The Un is a dark story in which he elaborates in the following interview. Guy is a man of logic, a member of the US Navy, yet he couldn’t deny what his family collectively experienced. Their story is a classic demonic oppression targeted on their daughter which the family survived. It makes you wonder how common these demons are to children. Are shadow people infesting bedrooms across the world, and children just outgrew them like a childhood infection? Think back . . . was that really an imaginary friend that scared you, or do you remember red eyes glaring at you from the closet?

Guy then does a wonderful and enlightening interview. He talks about his writing and career in both commercial and Indie publishing. His words are wise and should be regarded.

Guy’s Official Site

Guy is supporting a charity anthology, Sidekicks, to support other authors.

Sidekicks are used to being hidden from the spotlight shining on the hero they support. They work behind the scenes, doing their best to support their more famous companion. There are times when the sidekick becomes the hero, when they have to step up and save not only their hero, but sometimes the entire world. This anthology is about sidekicks who humbly take those chances. Not just the usual sidekicks normally associated with Superheros — any kind of sidekick in a science fiction or fantasy setting. This anthology evolved from a panel at MileHiCon in Denver, Colorado, titled “So You Want To Be in an Anthology?” The stories contained within were contributed by attendees of that panel. All net proceeds are donated to support MileHiCon.

SidekicksKDPCover-V1Buy SideKicks at Amazon.com

Zombie 12 Days of X-Mas

As an early Yule gift for all of you, I put together a group of zombies and wrote a special 12 Days of Christmas. The zombies give it their all to sing. It’s a new tradition.


Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy by Max Booth III.

As our first piece of fiction sponsored by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Max Booth III, editor of PMMP, sends us a piece published in the noted anthology, Chiral Mad. The story is true horror. It has no supernatural elements. The only demons are the ones that pain a boy’s soul. In the modern climate of random shooting epidemics, this story has a vital message. We’re looking at the darkness, seeking hope.



Merry Yule – Episode 6:

We have some special features coming up for Episode 6, scheduled for December 23rd. Brilliant horror author, John Foster, is writing us a holiday themed story as is co-host Phil Thomas. We’ll be featuring international ghost stories and talking about one of the first Victorian ghost hunters, Charles Dickens.


Also, speaking about the pagan tradition of Yule. Christmas is the time for ghosts.


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