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Holly 2We celebrate the winter solstice with the release of Episode IV: Charles Dickens Ghost Hunter. Besides following the secular customs of the holiday, T. Fox Dunham also celebrate the spiritual holiday of Yule–a time of renewal, light and hope for the coming year. This is the darkest time of the year, and the podcast is about exploring the darkness.

We are joined in this show by some awesome talent. Author John C. Foster co-hosts with Fox & Phil, bringing his insight and experience to our collective. Allison Ledbetter, Fox’s wife, narrates our true ghost story from the Philippines, sent to us by Wilma. Actress Linda Jones narrates Foster’s story. Jon plays Santa in our sketch, Dismembered Christmas. David Walton, British folk-singer, performs a mournful version of Greensleeves. Sandra and Stephanie bring us several Carols of the Dead, EVPS (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) collected in their paranormal exploration as The Grave Wanderers. The fusion of talents makes this our best show yet. We are blessed by the people who have come with us.


Phil, Jon P. & Fox while recording Dismembered Christmas

We start the holiday-themed show with Malevolent Spirits of the Banana Fields sent to us from the Philippines. It is one of our many international stories and reflects how various cultures see the paranormal. It is narrated beautifully by Fox’s wife, Allison Ledbetter.

John C. Foster joins Phil and Fox to discuss a myriad of topics. John has a new book coming out from Gray Matter Press, Mister White (DON’T SAY HIS NAME!). Dead Men was released through Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. John contributed his story, The Fat Man Wears Red. It’s a strong piece with a 1940’s noir voice read by actress Linda Jones. This is our second story from sponsor PMMP. Click to learn more about John C. Foster


They talk about various topics, discussing their work, how they celebrate the holidays, Fox’s survival from certain cancerous death this time of year and writing in Indie horror. The pagan origins of the holiday, Yule. Charles Dickens was an early ghost hunter and formed Ghost Club, an early paranormal group. We have included a few photos from the Charles Dickens Villages featured at Macy’s in Philadelphia.



David Walton, our British folk-singer, joins the show with a mournful and haunting version of Greensleeves. David performs to his usual beautiful standards and creates the heart of the show.

Phil Thomas contributes and reads his holiday horror tale of monsters called The Boarders. This is the story of monsters hiding below the tree.


Grave Wanderers, an all female ghost hunting group, sent us five of their collected EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) for our segment, Carols of the Dead. Sandra does a wonderful job setting up each EVP. We’ll be working with them in the future to bring you new material as we explore the darkness. Click to Learn More about Grave Wanderers


And we can’t have Christmas without Zombies. Performed and improvised by our special talent, John, Dismembered Christmas. Santa was so busy making toys he didn’t notice that the world was taken over by zombies. We listen as Santa makes his annual run to bring joy to all the little rotting girls and boys. They don’t want toys. They want Santa!

So if you’re missing a bit of darkness in the bright lights of the holiday, listen to the show. We can’t have light without the darkness. Merry Yule to you all.




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