EPISODE 7 Grave Wanderers Coming Soon

We are delighted and thrilled by our success. Phil and I never could have forseen not only the popularity of a growing show but also the way we’ve come together as a community, drawing together many different voices and personalities to create an audio magazine based on exploration of the darkness and unknown.

We record episode 7: Grave Wanderers on Wednesday for a release on 21st January. We have a new true ghost story, Girl on the Train, just sent to us from Thailand and recorded by British Folk Singer David Walton. David has also done another song for us. In addition to talking about Indie writing and grave stone writing, we interview Grave Wanderers.

On our holiday podcast, Episode 6, we featured the collected EVPs (Electric Voice Phenomenon’s) for a piece called Carols of the Dead. These EVPS were recorded by an all female paranormal investigation group, Grave Wanderers.

OGWn Episode 7: Grave Wandering. This group returns to the show with an interview with Fox. We’ve posted some of the questions below to go with the audio segment.

We’ve copied below a text version, plus information on the group, some photos from their recent hunts and information on their upcoming investigation.

1. Could you tell us a bit about Grave Wanderers—your mission.

The Grave Wanderers seek to explore whether or not there are human spirits or other entities that interact with us. Our approach is one of skepticism and we always look for natural causes for phenomena before coming to paranormal conclusions. Our ultimate goal is to seek and find the truth in all situations.


2. How did you get started in your paranormal investigations?

We were both interested in exploring graveyards and even going on ghost tours at various historic sites around the world. Ghost hunting seemed like a natural evolution of that interest. What really started our full blown investigations was finding each other. It’s surprisingly difficult to find people who are interested and also brave enough to go on an overnight paranormal investigation.


3. What are some of your methods or protocols for an investigation?

Our methods and protocols are always based on science. We utilize scientific equipment and only claim that evidence is paranormal if it can be captured on our equipment. We also keep our investigations on a respectful plane. We respect the properties we’re on and also any paranormal entities we may encounter.


4. Can you tell us your about your most intense and/or darkest encounter with the other side?

While investigating at Waverly Hills Sanatorium we were proceeding down a corridor with the intention of investigating at the end of it. Out of nowhere we both had the intense and overwhelming feeling that we should not proceed to the end of the corridor. We stopped and snapped a few pictures and then followed our instincts and turned in another direction. A few days later upon reviewing our photographic evidence we discovered what appears to be a very tall figure at the end of the corridor walking toward us.



I have included the picture in the attachments. We’ve also added a picture of a blue mist we repeatedly encountered on the 2-4 floors and in the body chute at Waverly. This mist was not visible with the naked eye, but would visibly move in the camera viewfinder. We hope to get its movement on film during our next hunt there.



5. How do you protect yourselves from potential attachments or attacks?

I say prayers before and after leaving an investigation. Basically just asking God’s blessing over the whole endeavor.

Sandra centers herself with meditation and says a prayer as well. We both believe in being firm and steadfast with anything we encounter.


7. What is your advice for anyone suffering an aggressive haunting?

Stand your ground. Try not to give in to fear and show vulnerability. Also, depending on your belief system you could ask for prayers/blessings/cleansings etc from an expert in your faith.


8. What is your vision of the afterlife?

I am a Christian so my vision of the afterlife follows what the Bible tells us. How does paranormal phenomena like ghosts/spirits/entities fit into that vision? That is the truth I am currently searching for.

Sandra believes that spirits and entities are all around us, but that some move on and some stay behind for reasons unknown to us. Part of her interest in paranormal Investigations is clarity on these matters.


Who are the Grave Wanderers?

Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Stephanie and Sandra.  We investigate the paranormal during our spare time. We began simply as two women who have a love of cemeteries and abandoned historic buildings.  Over time this love evolved into an interest in the paranormal happenings at such places.

Grave Wanderers was dreamed up during our first paranormal investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was such an awesome adventure for us that we just had to share it. Our goal here is to share our experiences and evidence captured during our paranormal investigations as well as to hear about your adventures in ghost hunting.

Grave Wanderers Website

We’ll be featuring the Grave Wanderers over the next couple of episodes. Episode 7 will be available on 21st January 2016.

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