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Old City Jail in Charleston, SC


Phil & I are thrilled to return with Episode 8 of What Are You Afraid of? Horror & Paranormal Podcast. Creating this podcast has been a journey, and we’re working to improve with every episode in both quality of content and production. We’ve gathered a group of talented artists and paranormal investigators so we can continue our mission to explore and express the darkness. We bring you new ghost stories, horror flash fiction from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, interviews with ghost hunters and artists, humorous content and many other features.

The Grave Girls Are Back!

Sandra & Stephanie #gravegirls, the core members of the all-girl ghost hunting group Grave Wanderers, return in this episode with their audio logs from their #paranormal investigation at famed ghost site Old CharlestonGW Jail. We feature part one & two of the four log set and two #ghoststories told to us by a sassy southern guide who works at the jail: Mary Crane of Pain & The Body Sinks. Part 2 & 3 and their #EVPs will be featured in episode 9. They chronicle their investigation of this rich historic site, describe the eerie setting and tell us about their encounters with the dead prisoners who still dwell there. Old Charleston Jail, which was operational from 1802 until 1939, housed Charleston’s most infamous criminals and, during the Civil War, Federal prisoners of war. The Old Jail housed a great variety of inmates. John and Lavinia Fisher, and other members of their gang, convicted of robbery and murder in the Charleston Neck region were imprisoned here in 1819 to 1820. Some of the last 19th-century high-sea pirates were jailed here in 1822 while they awaited hanging. This is the site of many paranormal investigations and has been featured on Ghost Adventures.

Sandra & Stephanie are long-time friends who shared an interest, maybe obsession, in exploring the paranormal. They began as two woman with a love of old buildings and cemeteries. Over time, they’ve built a base of knowledge, equipment and shared experiences as they travel the country to explore famed haunted sites including Waverly Sanatorium and Old City Jail in Charleston, South Carolina. Sandra and Stephanie have different personalities, creating an effective ghost-hunting duo. They have become our home team, and we will be working often with them, following their #ghostlove adventures.

Grave Wanderers’ Website

Old City Jail Website

Here is a sample of their evidence, which we will be presenting on upcoming shows along with testimony from other investigators. This staircase presented an unusual spiral. An old prisoner who doesn’t know that death has freed them from their sentence?

Spiral 1

A spiral staircase in the jail.

Spiral 3

A vortex photographed on the staircase.


New Flash Fiction From PMMP

Phil narrates Canadian author and hitchhiker, S.L. Dixon’s story, There’s Nobody There, our monthly #horror flash fiction piece from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. A little girl tries to convince herself that she is alone in this dark and moody piece. Is she?

There’s nobody there, there’s nobody there, the wishful mantra ran through Dorothy’s head as her feet quickened.

“Stupid, stupid,” she said.

The moon rode bright and high, shadows by the millions draped and reached across the landscape of the yard. Echoes from her footfalls told a lie. Still, perhaps they didn’t, what if those footfalls weren’t echoes at all? Those footfalls seemed unfamiliar and very close.

Continued on What Are You Afraid of? Podcast.

If you wish to have a flash fiction piece considered for publication on our audio magazine, you can submit to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, using their fiction guidelines. I have provided a link below:

Submit to PMMP


Phil & Fox discuss horror writing in #indiepublishing, the modern film industry and Satansville, a local paranormal site famed in urban legend. Phil has much experience as a film maker and collector of local urban legends. He spins a fascinating story about a creepy and eerie location that we are eager to visit.

Video filmed at Satansville by DelVal Paranormal:


Author James Chambers


New York City author & editor James Chambers honored us with an interview. James is a respected author and chairman of the membership committee for the Horror Writers Association. He has much experience as an author and knows what it takes to become successful in this challenging field. He shares this with us in his interview.

James Chambers’ Blog



We’re exploring the darkness, and we’re here to offer our experience to authors, artists and filmmakers fighting in the trenches to succeed.



Grave Wanderers:

Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Stephanie and Sandra.  We investigate the paranormal during our spare time. We began simply as two women who have a love of cemetaries and abandoned historic buildings.  Over time this love evolved into an interest in the paranormal happenings at such places. 

Grave Wanderers was dreamed up during our first paranormal investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was such an awesome adventure for us that we just had to share it. Our goal here is to share our experiences and evidence captured during our paranormal investigations as well as to hear about your adventures in ghost hunting. 

James Chambers:

James Chambers writes tales of horror, crime, fantasy, and science fiction. He is the author of The Engines of Sacrifice, a collection of four Lovecraftian-inspired novellas published in 2011 by Dark Regions Press which Publisher’s Weekly described as “…chillingly evocative….” He is also the author of the short fiction collection Resurrection House (Dark Regions Press, 2009). Most recently, Dark Quest Books published his dark, urban fantasy novella, Three Chords of Chaos, as well as The Dead Bear Witness and Tears of Blood, volume one and two in his Corpse Fauna novella series. In August 2005 Die Monster Die Books published his first short story collection, The Midnight Hour: Saint Lawn Hill and Other Tales, created in collaboration with illustrator Jason Whitley.

S.L. Dixon

Former homeless hitchhiker and high school dropout, S.L. Dixon grew up in Ontario, Canada and his short stories have appeared in numerous fiction publications from around the world. He’s married, has a cat and currently resides in a small coastal community in British Columbia, Canada.

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