Old City Jail above in Charleston South Carolina

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We return with a new format. We are trying shorter episodes with a faster publication frequency to make the podcast easier to listen to. Let us know what you think.

Horror Author T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas above…

On this episode, we complete our feature done by the Grave Wanderers all-female #paranormal investigation group at the Old City Jail in Charleston, South Carolina. We play log three & four then premier a few EVPs they recorded during their night.


New true ghost story told us by tour guide Karen. The story of Crazy Willy. And what is a Charleston Traditional? A piece of rope cut right off the executed and given out to a loved one for luck!

Old Charleston Jail, which was operational from 1802 until 1939, housed Charleston’s most infamous criminals and, during the Civil War, Federal prisoners of war. The Old Jail housed a great variety of inmates. John and Lavinia Fisher, and other members of their gang, convicted of robbery and murder in the Charleston Neck region were imprisoned here in 1819 to 1820. Some of the last 19th-century high-sea pirates were jailed here in 1822 while they awaited hanging. This is the site of many paranormal investigations and has been featured on Ghost Adventures.

To add another perspective to their investigation, Phil Summers talks to us about his own investigation at the jail. Phil is an unorthodox ghost-hunter, and his story was featured on A&E’s My Ghost Story. He tells us about a deceased witch who cursed his life. Check it out on A&E’s My Ghost Story Season 2 Episode 8 The Presence.

Closing the show, Doctor Noir, Lou Boxer tells us about a major Philadelphia noir event, Noir at the Bar, the Final Reading at the soon-to-be-demolished Society Hill Playhouse. T. Fox Dunham with several great authors will be reading there at March 19th starting at 6:45.



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