To celebrate Ireland Day in America (St. Patrick’s Day) we bring you a show of Gaelic-flavored stories for Episode 11: Banshee of What Are You Afraid Of? #Horror & #Paranormal #Podcast.


This picture is courtesy of ghost hunter, David Considine: a 7 foot high “stage prop” painting from Author / Artist Jefferey Messenger created for Dave’s Night of the Haunted, Beyond the Paranormal lecture tour. Published with permission.

 We open the show with a true ghost story set in Dublin from my honeymoon with Allison in May 2015. Honeymoon Intruder features a spirit who intrudes on our privacy one night in our room. Allison and I both read parts of the story.

Phil & I then do an audio essay on Banshees—the mythic wailing spirit who is the harbinger of death in the Emerald Isles. We feature various accounts of the centuries and the history of the keening lady.

Fox interviews author and reporter fantastic Shawn Macomber. Shawn is one of the Dark Five who will be reading at the KGB Club in NYC on April 8th, the event sponsored by Grey Matter Press and host T. Fox Dunham with the podcast.

Shawn pic

Shawn Macomber is a author, journalist, and noted pug wrangler in the New York City Area. His work has appeared in Fangoria, Maxim, Stereogum, the Wall Street Journal, Reason, Radar, Shock Till You Drop, Rue Morgue, the Los Angeles Times, Magnet, and Decibel, among many other fine and middling publications, reporting from five continents covering everything from combat in Iraq, riots in the Baltics, and two presidential elections to designer cat shows at Madison Square Garden, the cross Carrot Top bears, and the Carcass “Exhumed to Consume” reunion tour.

On April 8th at the KGB Bar (85 E 4th Street, NY, New York) we shall be gathering to read from our stories published by Grey Matter Press for a critical mass of horror. Let the Dark Ones In. We gather in support of John C. Foster’s novel release, Mister White. T. Fox Dunham will be reading, hosting and covering the event for a special episode of What Are You Afraid Of? The Dark Five. Future podcasts before the event will feature each of the five in a short interview and reading a line from their story. Shawn reads from his story, Pestilence by Beemahr, in the Savage Beasts anthology.

Dark Ones In Banner


David Walton returns with his rendition of Irish ghost song, Molly Malone, one of my favorites. This is a haunting version of a popular folk-ballad. We talk a little of the history of the song and the defilement of the symbolic statue of Molly on Grafton Street.


The EVP Challenge:

Electronic Voice Phenomenon has been a popular tool of ghost hunters, and we want you to share in the exploration of the supernatural. We challenge you to capture the voices of the dead. Download an MP3 recording application onto your phone, go into some dark room in your house—the area that’s always given you the creeps—then set your phone to record. For ten minutes, ask questions of the silence. Be polite! Don’t anger anything. Then listen to your MP3 and see if anything spoke back. Send it to us at whatareyouafraidof117@gmail.com, and we’ll use it on the show. We also need more of your true ghost or supernatural experiences.

 We’ll see you on episode 12 with an American Civil War ghost story.

 “Alive. Alive-O!”

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