Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you episode 14 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Podcast. The authors continue to explore the darkness, building an archive of entertainment and experience in both the paranormal and artist community.

Sponsored by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.


On this installment, they begin with a true ghost story sent by recent musical contributor, DJ Dead Zone or Jason from Manchester, England. The Grey Man is a story about a terrifying paranormal experience that happened to Jason when he was a lad told for the first time to the podcast. And Jason is sure the Grey Man will return for him one day. The true ghost story is beautifully recorded by our British folksinger, David Walton.

Follow DJ Dead Zone on Twitter at: @newo394r

Phil & Fox share a few more true ghost experiences from Gettysburg, Cape May and even tell the story of Phil’s extra-dimensional car. Fox shares his knowledge on clearing negative energy using herbs and magick. We also give a shout-out to some of the major female horror contributors to the field including Lisa Morton, President of the Horror Writers Association and Ellen Datlow, the best anthologist in dark fiction.

We complete our interview with famed ghost story collector Charles Adams III, known for such anthologies as Ghosts of Cape May, Ghosts of Gettysburg and many more volumes from 30 years of tales he collected. We are thrilled to have this immense talent on the show and one of the creators of the paranormal sector. Thank you Charlie. Our admiration to you.


Fox closes the show as one of the last of the Dark Five in preparation for the first of our live author’s series. Let the Dark Ones Rises, recorded and hosted by T. Fox Dunham at the KGB Bar & Club in the East Village of New York City, will premier in July featuring John Foster, Shawn Macomber, Daniel Braum and J. Anthony Stone reading works from Grey Matter Press, editors Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson.

As the last of the Dark Five, not to be confused with the Final Five, Fox reads from his new horror novel, Mercy, out from Blood Bound Books from a live reading in Philadelphia. Shawn Macomber, who reviewed the book for FANGORIA, interviews Fox about his writing and life, talking about surviving cancer, enduring life with the disease and writing to free his soul.

Mercy at Amazon

We close the show with a song from one of our new musical partners, Mystary & Mystary Records, creators of ambient horror music. We use music from their album 2706 in this episode for the true ghost story and at the end of the show. More information can be found here, and the album is available on iTunes & GooglePlay.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialhauntedhouses

We also use sound effects from from Free SFX. http://www.freesfx.co.uk.

It was a remarkable show again rife with great talents, and we have so much amazing material yet to come including interviews and material from some major players in the paranormal and writing community, on-site investigations of such places as Satansville & the Cult House, plus new special episodes of our author reading series.



“Darkness Comes to Philly”

WHAT: An evening of Philadelphia & New York horror authors reading their dark tales in Philadelphia. Hosted by T. Fox Dunham and recorded for a special episode of What Are You Afraid Of? Podcast

WHO: Six of the brightest (or darkest) rising stars in the dark fiction firmament, including: John Foster, James Chambers, Lisa Mannetti, T. Fox Dunham, Sawney Hatton & John Dunbar

WHERE: Alma Mater restaurant and bar, 7165 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA

WHEN: Saturday June 25, 3:30PM to 7PM

WHY: Fun, madness and to support Philadelphia’s rapidly growing literary scene

Food and drink, music and madness as the dark fiction crowd descends on Philadelphia’s own Alma Mater. In addition to the readings, the eerie musical styling of INSERT MUSICIAN will get us in the mood. The event will be recorded for the podcast “What Are You Afraid Of?” and there is no cover charge for the event. https://almamaterphiladelphia.com/

For more information on the authors reading, please visit:





Fox & Phil are out there exploring the darkness, collecting true ghost stories and dark writings from around the world in person and through email. Send your paranormal experiences to whatareyouafraidof117@gmail.com.




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